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Welcome to Pugnacious

I am a proud and happy owner of a 1987 Peugeot 505 STI V6. The Peugeot 505 is a vehicle of French manufacture. The 505 was sold in North America from 1980 to 1992. I would classify the Peugeot 505 as the "Sleeper" car of the 80's. While Peugeot sold over 20,000 in North America, the car remained virtually unknown. Those who fell in love with the 505 know it to be a fantastic riding and well handling car. The 505 when compared to its competition was far ahead of its time. The sedans featured four-wheel independent suspension, large four-wheel disk brakes, and the famous Peugeot 8-valve shock absorbers. To this day some cars have yet to reach what the 505 offered in 1980. Peugeot 505 Wagons are still unmatched in their features and payload.

Use the links on the left hand side to assist you in learning more about this remarkable car. Enjoy.

The Franco Motor Heritage Society has a listing of parts and resources for Peugeots and all French cars.